How To Join the RTP Rotary Club

First we ask that they have an interest in service, building a community and a desire for high ethical standards in business. After reading about our club, we then ask that you attend two to three meetings so the existing members have a chance to meet them.

Meeting Information:

The RTP Rotary Club meets every Wednesday from 11:45 am until 1 pm. We meet at the Frontier, 800 Park Offices Drive Durham, NC 27709 (Directions)


After you have visited the Club, please fill out the following application. We have two tiers of membership:
  • Full member is $200 a quarter. The cost breakdown is roughly $120 covers the meals each meeting, $25 goes to the Rotary Foundation and District, with the rest going towards club operations & admin, and the remainder is our working fund for service projects, charitable giving, and scholarships.
  • Scholarship Member is free. We are going to allow up to 6, bright young individuals, that have the potential to be future leaders in business, that are currently in college and have an interest in the RTP community and giving them a free membership. It will give them the opportunity to network in RTP and learn from and get mentorship from experienced individuals.

If you live or work in the Research Triangle Park and have an interest in the opportunity for community service, you are encouraged to send an email to requesting more information.

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