A Diversity of Capital, in Rotary and in RTP

Posted By Frank Vinluan

The RTP Rotary Club has undergone numerous changes over the last year and with those changes come planning for how we continue our progress. James Amato pinch hit for scheduled speaker Megan Fruchte, who was unable to present at Monday’s meeting. In a continuation of his committee presentations from last week, James elaborated on the “diversity of capital” that our members hold and can offer to the club and to the region.

Compared with the other Rotary Clubs in the district, we are unique in that we don’t live in RTP but we all have interests in the Park. That means we are uniquely situated to be a regional club with an impact that goes beyond RTP. There’s a lot of ideas about how we can carry out this vision and club leaders will be sharing more details as they develop. But if you have any thoughts or suggestions about what the club can do to raise its standing and profile consistent with our mission to represent RTP, please reach out to anyone in club leaders

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