A Mission to Get 1 Million Moms Off Welfare

Posted By Frank Vinluan

When Racquel Williams helps mothers get off of welfare, she does it with conviction forged from her own experiences. Racquel, a mother of four, spent years in the welfare system. Now she is the president and CEO of Can I Live, a nonprofit organization with the goal of helping women find their way out. She shared her experience and her mission with members of the RTP Rotary Club.

Racquel’s organization works to break the cycle that keeps mothers on welfare. Can I Live does not find women jobs. Instead, she says, it helps women overcome the lack of motivation and shame that keep women in the welfare system. Can I Live uses a 10-point exit strategy that focuses on three aspects of women’s lives: minds, men, and money. Racquel found her own way out of welfare through education, taking out student loans to pursue multiple degrees. Now, with Can I Live, she has set a target to get 1 million moms off of welfare by 2025. For more information on the Can I Live objectives, go to www.1mmow.org.

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