Django Aims to Modernize Medicine Dispensing

Posted By Frank Vinluan

Technology has established a firm foothold throughout hospitals, but one place that has resisted technological advances is the medicine dispensing cabinet. These cabinets are used to store drugs close to the point of care. Entrepreneur Jim Pellegrini, a veteran of Becton Dickinson, is trying to modernize dispensing cabinets with software.

Pellegrini’s startup, Django, has developed software that can track drugs in dispensing cabinets, providing information such as inventory levels, along with details about where a drug goes. That information, Pellegrini says, can help crack down on the diversion of narcotic drugs. It also creates data that can be sold to companies that track drug usage information. Django is still in the early stages of development but Pellegrini hopes that the accountability and inventory intelligence his company’s software offers will be enticing to hospitals looking for better ways to manage and track medications.

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