NC Legislative Recap & 2016 Preview

Posted By Frank Vinluan

North Carolina lawmakers meet in alternating long and short sessions depending on the year. In even-numbered years, the sessions are short. In odd- numbered years, they are long. The 2015 session was truly long, lasting nearly nine months as lawmakers tackled a wide number of public policy issues. John Hardin, a Manning Fulton attorney who represents the firm’s clients at the General Assembly, visited the RTP Rotary Club to recap highlights of the past legislative session and preview the upcoming political year.

The General Assembly is scheduled to convene its short session on April 25. John expects that this session will truly be a short one; with every member of the legislature up for re-election, lawmakers will want to return to their district to resume their campaigns, John said. Elections will be a big focus in 2016 at the federal and state levels. Republicans currently hold a super majority in the legislature, which enables them to override any veto from Gov. Pat McCrory. John says Democrats are targeting select seats in order to bring the Republican majority under the super majority. While that would mean gridlock, John says he hopes that it will lead lawmakers to collaborate. “Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on, people generally agree that collaboration leads to better public policy,” he said.

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