Opportunities and Challenges in IoT

Posted By Frank Vinluan

Whether you realize it or not, you are part of the Internet of Things. The global population is 7.1 billion. According to some estimates, the total number of Internet-connected devices around the world totals 7.6 billion. Chances are, you have one of those devices. And the global total of Internet-connected devices is expected to continue to increase and outpace global population growth, says Kaali Dass, program manager at Cisco Systems.

Kaali spoke to the RTP Rotary Club about the Internet of Things and the opportunities it could bring to businesses and people. Technological advances give devices the capability to communicate with each other, as well as with people. The communications capability can monitor processes in real time and send updates or alerts when necessary. These capabilities are already finding use in applications ranging from manufacturing to health care. But the Internet of Things also brings challenges. The large volume of data produced requires greater computer power to analyze it, and draw actionable insight. And the growing connectedness of devices and people also increases risks to security and privacy, Kaali said.

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